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Chiropractic for Animals

In addition to pursuing her Chiropractic degree, Christa earned an additional certificate in Chiropractic for Animals, an extensive education in manual adjusting technique recognized by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association.  Dr. Robben completed this 6 month program while completing her chiropractic degree at Parker College of Chiropractic (now Parker University).

Dr. Robben has also completed additional animal adjusting training in Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM).   This technique utilizes a gentle instrument for both diagnostic and adjusting purposes.  VOM  is a technique recognized by the International Association of Veterinary Chiropractitioners and the American Animal Adjusting Association

Animal Adjusting is a safe and effective way to enhance the quality of life for your pet.  It relies on the principles of chiropractic. 

Indications for Animal Adjusting:

Neck, back, leg, or tail pain

Limited range of motion

Muscle spasms or nerve pain

Event or sports injuries

Bowel, bladder, or internal disorders

Injuries from slips, falls, or accidents

Maintenance of joint and spinal health

Uneven muscle development

Performance or movement problems

Sudden change of behavior or posture, i.e. tilting head to one side, refusing to jump on bed/couch/car etc.

What does the treatment consist of?

First, a thorough history of your animal is taken.  This includes discussion with your vet or Dr. Robben’s veterinary affiliate about chiropractic care for your pet.  Xrays may be necessary if none were taken at your veterinarian’s clinic.  A written referral by a veterinarian is obtained in order for Dr. Robben to treat your animal.

Posture and gait analysis is performed, as well as static and motion palpation of the spine.  Dr. Robben is looking for abnormal motion of the spine, swelling, heat, muscle tightness or spasm, fixated joints, restricted range of motion, head tilt, gait limitations, or any other chiropractic related problems.

After the exam, Dr. Robben will adjust your pet either by hand and/or with a specialized instrument. This will improve joint, muscle, and nerve function, as well as proven pain relief.   Christa also utilizes myofascial release and massage techniques to help relax the surrounding muscle tissue.  

After the adjustment, if necessary, Dr. Robben will use Cold Laser (Low Level Laser Therapy) to help facilitate the healing process and aid in pain relief.  

Cold Laser For Animals

A proven, non-invasive, no risk option for pain relief and accelerated healing. 

Ease your beloved animal companion’s pain with the healing technology of Low Level Laser Therapy (Cold Laser).  Cold Laser therapy has been proven to suppress pain, reduce inflammation, promote bone, tendon, and ligament repair, and accelerate wound healing. 

Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission Rays or LASER, is used at a specific frequency to stimulate healing. It is a natural and biological therapy which uses light to restore health to injured or ailing cells.

Cold Lasers use a wavelength different from "hot" lasers that are used for hair removal, surgical and other techniques that heat tissue. The technology of Low Level Laser Therapy integrates biology and quantum mechanics.  The cold laser is a biomodulator that will up-regulate or down-regulate the targeted area of the body by the use of coherent light at a precise wavelength.  This means it can stimulate cellular rejuvenation and healing.

The laser light communicates to the cells stimulating them to heal themselves, grow, change, and survive. The beams are red in color, and some lasers have multiple beams programmed at specific frequencies to target the area of involvement, effected nerve root, lymph node drainage, brain, or other organs. The treatment allows for focus on the injury while also stimulating the brain. This allows for not only healing, but also neurological reorganization and reorientation at the brain level. 

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  • "My visit to Dr. Christa's office was a greater experience than anticipated. She listened to my concerns and assessed my needs. She was careful with her adjustments and explained what she was doing as she made adjustments. The staff there is also very helpful and made you feel comfortable. Thanks again and we'll be patients there for a long time. 5 Stars!"
    Kevin Martin
  • "Dr. Christa and her staff at Beach Chiropractic are knowledgeable and caring. A very gentle approach to realignment and better health. 5 Stars!"
    Jean Canon

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